Welcome to The Kindness Garden

Come on in to the Kindness Garden, a place of calm, good cheer and crafting.  I have a passion for encouraging creativity to support good mental health.  Creating with natural, found and recycled materials is welcomed.  I share my journeys in the garden with my cat Monty too.  Do come along on our adventure!


I believe a little kindness goes a long way and we all deserve kindness.  It is easier to be kind to others than it is to ourselves.  At Kindness Garden you will find all the support and encouragement you need to learn to be kinder to yourself

As the Kindness Garden grows I will launch some live chats on Facebook and Instagram where we can share how we can help make our personal worlds a kinder place



Crafting has been my constant for many years now.  I believe creativity can help support positive mental health.  I am a passionate multi-crafter and lover of all things wool and fabric.  I spin on a drop spindle, crochet, make some of my own clothes and create using English Paper Pieced Patchwork.  I am somewhat of a womble, collecting fabric, buttons and other treasures.  I enjoy experimenting and creating with them.  I positively encouarge people to be creative themselves too.

Coming soon is my Etsy shop, selling hand crafted shawls filled with love and other treasures as they are created.  Watch this space for more details.



Ten Minute Tales

Participating in the story studio Facebook group run by Emma Collier from The Yes&Story has encouraged me to start writing creatively for the first time since I was in my late teens. 

I will share these seeds of creativity as part of the growth of The Kindness Garden.  Each short tale is the product of ten minutes of timed writing.  The inspiration will come from a phrase or moment. 


You will find these on my social media pages and on my blog page (coming soon).  I would also love to know your story, and welcome you to share your writing experiences too.  

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