Today I want to tell you about my obsession with fluff and fibre and how it all began!

What got me started

I am happy to admit, I am obsessed with spinning.  I’ve been a spindler for about ten years now. I was fascinated when I watched my friend spinning wool on a spindle.  It intrigued me and so I decided to learn,  My first purchase was a starter kit I bought from e-bay.  My friend gave me loads of fluff and a starter lesson and so my obsession was born!  The rest, as they say, is history.  

A collector’s hobby

My spindles seem to breed and I now have enough to form a bouquet.  Some of these were gifts and I have bought from Etsy and Wonderwool Wales. 

Why haven’t I got a spinning wheel?

To be honest, I’ve never been interested in owning a wheel.  Quite a few people have tried to persuade me to have a go but I haven’t taken up the bait.  I live in a small house so I find drop spindle spinning is much more convenient.   I store my kit in a lovely cut glass vase which takes up very little space.  A spindle is incredibly portable and I frequently take one with me on my travels. 

Why I love spinning so much

Spinning in public is both a great way for me to relax and is incredibly relaxing for the people who find themselves watching me as well.    It is a great conversation starter.  Many people have never seen wool created like this before and they are keen to find out more.  

Links to history

One of my plans is to look closer at the history of drop spindle spinning.  I do know it has ancient roots and I am also aware that stone spindle whorls are frequently found at Roman sites.

What is your story about your favourite craft?  Let me know!


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