About The Kindness Garden

The Kindness Garden Manifesto

I believe in the power of kindness.

I believe in sharing and learning from each other.

I believe that mindful creativity can help to soothe the troubled mind.


Walk with me through the Kindness Garden and together we can learn how to tap into creativity, be kind to ourselves and help ourselves to nourish and grow.

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A warm welcome to people seeking creativity, whether you do not believe you have a creative bone in your body or whether you want to connect with your creativity.  A welcome to those looking for some peace in this busy world.  In The Kindness Garden you will find

♥  Kindness and encouragement in abundance

and soon

♥ A Virtual Craft and Chat cafe, hosted by The Kindness Garden

♥  Videos about mindful creativity, relaxation and meditations

♥ A link through to my online shop, featuring my lovely Kindness Shawls and other lovely items 

Along with you, The Kindness Garden is here to grow and develop


What you will find in The Kindness Garden


I’ve frequently heard the phrase ‘kindness costs nothing’ and it is true! I also feel it is  easier to be kind to others but it can be so much harder to be kind to ourselves.

Within The Kindness Garden page on Facebook, a community called Kindness Gardeners is developing.  As a community, we will learn ways to be so much kinder to ourselves and also apply what we have learned.  Do you want to find out more? Either click here   or click on the image above to visit The Kindness Gardeners group on Facebook


In its simplest sense, mindfulness is paying very close attention to everyday acts.  Eating a piece of fruit mindfully provides a completely different and richer experience.  For me, crafting naturally lends to working in a mindful way.

As The Kindness Garden grows and develops, you will find small mindful exercises and musings on mindfulness in the News and Stories section of my website.  Or, if you would like to keep up to date, please sign up to my Kindness News Letters, delivered straight to your inbox


Crafting is a great passion of mine and I do believe crafting helps to improve mental health and wellbeing.  For me, using my creative skills has been invaluable in managing periods of depression and anxiety. 

Crafting with other people is also something I do enjoy and with this in mind, The Kindness Garden is hosting a virtual Craft and Chat Cafe, starting in November this year.  Do you want to find out more?  Then just scroll a little further and press the button below, or sign up to the Kindness Newsletter


I have a love of a good story going back to childhood and my days of reading about giants, goblins, and all sorts of other fairy tale creatures who inhabit the dark, dark woods.  Story is still part of my life today.  Please look at the News and Stories page or sign up to The Kindness Letter to be kept up to date.

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